lundi 28 septembre 2009

KEITH BROWNING for Metal Magazine by Jolijn Snijders

Young, fresh, modern, spontaneous, unpretencious....
Jolijn Snijders is definetely one of our favorite photographers when it comes to bring out these qualities of a new boy.
She shoots the moment while she's talking to the models and making them laugh and act, it all happens very fast and before the model even knows it's in the box, and that's why her pictures are so appealing.

Special thanks to Jolijn Snijders for her great pictures and Matthieu Pabiot for his cool styling!

KEITH BROWNING for Citizen K by Sol Sanchez

KEITH BROWNING seems just perfect for this editorial, his neo-hippie allure and authenticity fit the mood of this story as if it was made just for him.

mardi 22 septembre 2009

COSMO for FHM Collections "THE BLACK ISSUE" by Oliver Spies

COSMO teams up for the second time with Top-Photographer Oliver Spies, , and the result is this strong and intense portrait of him.


The latest issue of Germanys' fashion-bible, FHM Collections, features BENONI three times.
Once in the new GUCCI Campaign, but also in two cutting-edge editorials, one by André Wolff and the other by Oliver Spies.

Special thanks to Lale Aktay, chief editor of FHM Collections, for her patience and her amazing work which puts this magazine in the A-list of the world-wide mens' fashion magazines.
We loooooove!!! :)

BENONI by André Wolff

BENONI by André Wolff

BENONI by Oliver Spies

lundi 14 septembre 2009

TRAVIS HANSON by Takay for HUGE Magazine

Whoever thought that TRAVIS HANSON can only be sexy and half-naked, here is proof that Travis looses none of his charm when he is photographed in a more subtle way, and dressed from head to toe.

We love this editorial shot by Takay for HUGE Magazine, it shows another side of Travis and the retro-mood suits him perfectly.

TRAVIS HANSON by Steven Klein for Vogue Japan Hommes

Travis' raw masculinity is a force to be reckoned with and his appearances in Vogue Paris, Arena Homme Plus and Vogue Homme Japan bear the evidence of the smoldering images by Steven Klein.
Styling by Nicola Formichetti!

Travis is ranking at #30 on top 50 male models, and he won't stop there.

lundi 7 septembre 2009


ALEX BENNETT..... the face, the attitude, it's all there!

CORY BOND in 'The Americans' by Joe Lally for WESTEAST Magazine

CORY BOND features in 'Lipstick Murder', a premiere of a special project by Top-Photographer Joe Lally about America, in which lives are influenced by reality series and trash flicks that evoke a violent sense of unrest and disturbance.
This first series is an examination of a couple verging on a life of outlaws, in which sexuality and power is distorted, like a broken hall of mirrors.

For those who feel this sounds a bit complicated, it all comes down to CORY BOND looking amazingly sexy! :)

vendredi 4 septembre 2009


BRIAN SCHIMANSKYS' sculptural body and face are being highlighted by Top-Photographer MILAN VUKMIROVIC in german GLAMOUR Magazine.

His perfect silhouette and sharp bone-structure couldn't look any better!
Let's talk about sex......


Top-Photographer Lionel Guyou still knows like not many other photographers how to turn models into icons. He shot ADRIAN WLODARSKI and PAVEL BARANOV for TWIST Magazine.

Special thanks to Birgitta Mahrt for her fabulous casting and styling on this production!

jeudi 3 septembre 2009

New Face WAEL

French New Face WAEL is already getting lots of attention, just one week after he started modelling he has already shot 2 amazing Editorials, PONYTAIL Magazine with TOMAS FALMER and ANOTHER MAN with SERGE LEBLON.
Find enclosed the pictures from the first tests he did with MIKE CRUZ and JUSTIN WU, two new and talented photographers that we love to collaborate with.
WAEL has one of those catching personalities that will get him far, see for yourself.
Tomorrow he will be shooting with TAKAO in Paris.
We will keep you posted on more of WAEL!


Swiss photographer Sven Baenziger shot ADRIAN WLODARSKI for BEST FASHION Magazine.
Another proof of why ADRIAN is moving up and up.
He has the perfect mix of moderness, elegance, and attitude.

mercredi 2 septembre 2009

ADRIAN WLODARSKI in the new LANVIN campaign

Photographer Andreas Larsson shot this beautiful LANVIN Campaign with ADRIAN WLODARSKI, who had an amazing show season this year and is moving up to establish his status of a Top-Model.

COSMO in the new TRUSSARDI JEANS Campaign

Cosmo has definitely one of the most stunning faces and bone-structure in the business.
His sharp features come out amazingly in this new TRUSSARDI campaign, and one cannot avoid to immediately think James Dean.

Cosmo has a lot more to come out in the near future, we will keep you posted.